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Studio Address: 600 W Mason St, Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: 800-932-9585      Email comments@wllmradio.com
Dear WLLM Friend,                                      January 2017
We thank God for each person who responded to the call for financial support of “Good News and Good Music” WLLM during the last few weeks of 2016.  Thank you!  Your gifts and prayer support were greatly appreciated, and the phone calls and notes that were received are a testimony of the value of this radio ministry.

“Thank you for this wonderful Christian radio Station. It Blesses our daily lives. We pray for continued financial support from your listeners.”
“I just found your Springfield station, 105.3, and I am loving the music. Thank you for bringing this station to Springfield.”
“Please don’t stop the good music you have on WLLM. I live a distance out and sometimes get static and the signal does not come in well, however, my radio is never off. I love the music and it is a    blessing.”

 “What a blessing it is to turn on the radio any time (4:45 AM) and hear uplifting joyful Christmas  music. Praying you won’t quit broadcasting.  Love you.”
As we look ahead into the New Year, your regular support is needed to meet the monthly expenses.  Especially needed are listeners who will commit to financially supporting the station with monthly gifts. While every gift is important, we look       forward to receiving the regular donations from those who have let us know they will make that faith promise. (A faith promise is where you and the Lord prayerfully choose a giving level to be honored and fulfilled as long as the Lord provides.) 
Have you considered sponsoring a day of broadcasting?  You can do that for a monthly gift of $50 or a single donation of $600.  You pick the day you want to sponsor and we’ll broadcast your day sponsor announcement seven times that day.  It can be for a birthday, anniversary, in honor of someone, or in memory of a loved one. Most importantly it covers the listener portion cost of one day of broadcasting.
Will you accept the challenge of helping meet the financial need with your faith promise by letting us know you will be sending a monthly gift? Please return the enclosed card with your January gift, or click here and set up your monthly gift.

Thank you for your prayers and support and we pray God’s blessing for you during 2017!
                                   John McBride - Network Director